Garden and balcony: do you prefer a bench or a chair?

Garden and balcony: do you prefer a bench or a chair?

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With sunny days, it's time to reinvest your garden, terrace or balcony! Whether for lunch, chatting with friends, reading a book or playing cards, you will spend time there. So, do you prefer to sit on a chair or rather on a bench - even if it means lying down for a while? Depending on your tastes, your habits and the space you have, we guide you to select the appropriate furniture for your outdoor space.

Space-saving chairs on my balcony

We desert it the rest of the year, so in fine weather, let's take advantage! When you are lucky enough to have a balcony, you have to find the tips to arrange it despite its limited size. To optimize the space of your balcony, because you will like to decorate it with a little greenery, start by choosing a furniture which does not take up much space, and dare the bright colors to give it a summer atmosphere. For moments of two as with friends, a folding table and chairs can do the trick. And why not add one or two deckchairs that you can store just as easily? You also have the option of stackable chairs if you want to adapt the space to suit the guests, or even the small colorful bench that will be discreet against a wall and that you can easily recycle in the dining room the rest of the year.

Two folding chairs and a half table, ideal for saving space on the balcony.

A multifunction bench for a modular terrace

Do you want to make your terrace a place to relax outdoors but also a friendly place to receive friends? Opt for practical and durable furniture that will allow you to change the atmosphere in the blink of an eye: to bubble, you will appreciate a bench coffee table wooden, simple or in the form of a chest in which to store cushions like bottles for the aperitif, and which you can use as an extra seat when you have guests around a table. You don't multiply the chairs like this! Another option is the decorative bench with integrated planter to grow your favorite plants, which will be just as useful for accommodating improvised guests.

A garden bench for the balcony, to combine practicality and decoration in all originality!

Comfortable chairs and bench for my garden

Do you like large tables and meals that go on forever with your loved ones and friends? It's time to invest in the garden by creating a relaxation area on one side, for an aperitif and coffee, and festive on the other, around a large table. To give a cozy side to your sitting area, choose a bench with backrest and armrests where to put some cushions. Prefer it rather sober and neutral, in wood or steel, to install it around the table. But if it can accommodate more guests, it will be less comfortable than chairs for lunches or dinners that drag on. Then opt for designer seats, as aesthetic as they are cozy, which will be as well outside as inside.

For more comfort, opt for a bench with backrest and armrests!


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